Bullpits Golf Club

Bourton, Nr Gillingham,

Dorset, SP8 5AX

Tel: 01747 840084

Fax: 01747 840091

Email: info@bullpits.co.uk


Bullpits are very happy to see ladies playing and there are indeed a stalwart few who play regularly. They would dearly love more company so if you would like to join them, do please contact us.

You can play for as long or as short a time as you wish. If you are anything like most busy ladies, you can't spare a whole or even half a day for golf ! That's OK with us. Come and play for an hour to suit yourself or longer if you wish. Our course is quiet, un-pressured because we don't have crowds of people wanting to play through so ideal for ladies who play at a more leisurely pace. And because we are a short course you'll be achieving par on most holes.