Bullpits Golf Club

Bourton, Nr Gillingham,

Dorset, SP8 5AX

Tel: 01747 840084

Fax: 01747 840091

Email: info@bullpits.co.uk

About Bullpits Golf Club

The 18 acres that comprises Bullpits Golf Club was originally laid to golf course in 1986 by John Freeman who was the owner of the land at the time. He also owned the factory in the village, now in the processes of being developed which is why the road is currently closed. The river is being diverted and a rather gorgeous cascade has been added on the weir. At the end of 2006 Richard and Cathy Price took over the Golf Course and have been making steady improvements since then.

We operate very seriously with a small number of fulltime staff and, rather uniquely, run the Clubhouse on an honesty system which visitors, especially from the cities, find rather quaint and novel.

When you arrive we would ask that you report to the Clubhouse where there is a registration book for you to sign in. Pop your green fee into one of the envelopes provided for the purpose and then having sealed and signed it, post it into the honesty box on the wall. You are then free to enjoy your round of golf! Regular checks are made to ensure that visitors have signed in correctly .so, no cheating!

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